Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Episode 314 - Kuih Wajid / Sweet Glutinous Rice

Kuih Wajid or Sweet Glutinous Rice

I got hold of that mini recipe books again! This time I bought the "Malay Kuih" by Norzailina Nordin. Inside, there are a variety of kuih Melayu to choose from and all are those down-to-earth balik kampung kuihs! Kuih Wajid is a very well-known Malay kuih. It's usually served during special occasions (Hari Raya, Puasa, Weddings etc) and you can usually get them from the gerai-gerai (ministalls) at the tamu. I myself really like Kuih Wajid and I'm putting this recipe up because last weekend my friend brought the Wajid Temburong (it's the BOMB!) to our BBQ but I didn't get to eat em! Anyway, this is a very simple kuih to make but its sugary taste is just ideal for the month of Ramadhan! And ya, not everyone would like the taste of the palm sugar (i.e. Babe LY *ahaks*) or the fact that the rice is sweet and sticky but it's worth a try, you might just enjoy it!

Sweet Glutinous Rice/ Kuih Wajid

1 Banana Leaf, cut into 25 cm (10") square
500 g Glutinous rice, soaked for 8 hours & drained
500ml Coconut Cream
4 medium sized, Pandan/ Screwpine leaves, shredded & knotted
50g Rock Sugar, finely pounded
200g Palm Sugar/ Gula Melaka, crushed
80g Granulated Sugar

Line a 25-cm/10" square baking tin with banana leaf.

Steam drained glutinous rice for 20-25 minutes or until cooked. Transfer to a large tray and spread out thinly with a spoon or fork. Set aside to cool.

Combine coconut cream, pandan leaves and 3 types of sugar in a non-stick/Teflon pan. Stir continuously over medium heat until mixture is bubbly and thick.

Add cooked glutinous rice and stir until rice is well coated and has a shiny gloss. Discard pandan leaves and tip coated rice into tin. Press rice down with back of spoon or fork to level surface. Set aside to cool before cutting to serve.
*Tip*: Coconut cream can extracted from 800g of fresh grated coconut. If you can't get hold of the fresh grated coconut, use those canned ones will do! I recommend Ayam Brand.
Serves: 8
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